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Paul is an orphan that is helped by our club. He is called Paul Luzindana. He is an orphan with no father and mother. His parents died of Aids so Fr Vincent looks after him and our club pays for his food and education.

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In association with the Rotary Club of Trent Bridge led by David Cadwallader we want to raise £2.5k towards a borehole to provide a regular supply of clean and safe drinking water in a primary school near Namunyumya where Fr Vincent Kanyakole lives.
Presently, there is no access to clean water which leads to dysentery, cholera and intestinal worms. The primary school is the focal point of local village life and the provision of clean water freely accessed by the community changes village life for the better. The team have been in contact with the British Geological Survey in Keyworth who have a detailed study of the groundwater potential of the area.  They are presently matching this study with the proposed borehole sites to ensure they are appropriate thus minimising the risk of 'dry' boreholes with its concomitant cost.

By July we want the sports club to have raised £2.5k towards the total for the Parish of £10k.The Rotary Club then applies for matching grants which have the potential to more than double the monies raised. £2.5k with a matching grant from the Rotary club means that we will be able to purchase 1 complete borehole. The cost of £5k per borehole is because there is a need to drill through 60m of rock and put in place the equipment to supply the water.

To find out more contact David Cadwallader, International Committee, Rotary Club of Trent Bridge Email; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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