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With everything we want to do in today's society we seem to have to provide lots of information; long gone are the days where people could just put a pair of boots on and play. So for  a player to join our club, we do need to ensure that the appropriate information is available and correct.

Please complete the following:

Club Registration

  • Complete a Club Registration Form.
  • Create a Standing Order for the appropriate amount ( £18 per player per month annually, or £27 for 2 player siblings per month or £35 for 3 player siblings per month,£7 for additional family members; siblings do not have to be in the same team/year within the club). You can do this online with your bank or using our Standing Order Form; our bank details are on the Standing Order Form.
  • Review and sign our Club Charter


League Registration


  • Complete a League Registration form
  • Provide a copy of either the Player's Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Provide two recent identical passport size photographs of the player

All of this information should be completed and returned to your Team Manager.


Once your Team Manager has collated and checked this information with you, he can start the registration process:

  • He will request that the Club Secratary reviews and signs the documentation.
  • The club secratary will take and file the relevant documents that the club requires.
  • The manager will then send to the League Registrar (John Mcnicholas, 31 Scafell Way, Clifton,Nottingham, NG11 9GB), the League Registration Form, together with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for the safe return of the temporary card.
  • If all of this information is correct, the process can take as little as a week.

Please also review the positive parenting document relevant to youth football.

If you want to become involved with helping to run a team or perform a role in our club, please contact our Child Welfare Officer to ensure the appropriate CRB check can be put in place.